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GUIDE people all around your business and let them SEE what you're about.

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Your Video Business Card is an asset that is ALWAYS AVAILABLE, always working FOR you.

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A Video Business Card begins the conversation and helps you BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with the right people.

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Beginner - Never appeared on cameraNovice - I've appeared on camera a bit in the past, I don't actively create videos.DIY - I shoot my own videos and am looking to take it to the next levelVideo Professional - I appear on video regularly, I create my own content regularly.Video Master - I have a team that helps me create video content regularly.

Automation / Systems (Things you constantly repeat, internal training, FAQs, etc)Sales Videos (Content to use on Sales pages, to send prospects, etc)Impact Videos (Brand awareness & showcase the 'bigger picture’

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)PPC (Pay Per Click)Social Media MarketingPrint or Direct MailRadioTVNone