Story Trumps Statistics – Who Knew?

Story Vs. Marketing

My friend Paul insisted I look at the story.

“It’s in there. Really.”

I shook my head in disbelief.

“Marketing is a by the numbers affair.” I countered. “And while simply listing the features is usually weak, showing the benefits of those features is the strongest way to persuade.”

“That’s what everyone thinks.” Paul argued. “But people don’t connect with features and benefits. Or statistics. They connect with people. Through story.”

“But people need the rational information to make the rational purchasing decision.”

Paul nodded. “That makes sense if people made rational purchasing decisions.”

“What do you mean if?”

“Remember that late night, “How to Become An Amazon Private Label Seller” course you purchased?”

I winced.


Buying Is An Emotional Decision

It was late that night. Probably around 2:00 AM. That’s when I came across the website that explained how James had been at the end of his rope until he began an Amazon private label seller. The story unfolded as James learned the secrets by applying the system being sold. And like James, I could earn thousands in the next 60 days as an Amazon Private Label seller too! Over the next 30 minutes, I watched the video and read the sales copy. Visions of paying my bills and driving my dream car were too much. I plunked down $49.95 (via PayPal) in an emotional frenzy.

Let’s be clear. I made a full on, emotional decision. Nowhere in the copy did I receive a rational, statistical reasoning as to how I could make $1,000 a day. There was nothing specific presented that made this a rational decision.

So what Paul said made sense. But this didn’t solve the problem of convincing a numbers person that story sells. How do you quantify story?

Paul chuckled. “Read the story.”

So I read the story. And honestly, I felt confused and surprised by the evidence. It was compelling and blew up my understanding like water when a fat guy like me cannonballs into a bathtub. Splash!!!

The author presents a compelling case for how story creates greater emotional connection and impact than simple statistics. Or features and benefits. Which moved me to look deeper at the power of story.

I invite you to decide for yourself.

The Importance of Storytelling over Statistics. A Powerful Research Study. — Muse Storytelling

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