Featured Project: The Danckuts Story

Haircut Roulette

I have two simple criteria: cut my hair the way I like it, then, when i come back the next time, repeat the cut. Simple, right? Nope.

Getting a haircut has been like playing roulette. Spin the wheel and maybe…MAYBE get lucky. Unfortunately, the odds are not in our favor.

I’ve been to hair cutting chains. I’ve been to barbershops. I’ve been to hair stylist and specialists. All of them cut my hair. A few of them managed to cut my hair the way I like it. Sadly, NONE of them – not one – was able to repeat the same look a second time.

Cue Danckuts

In late 2015, I was online looking for someplace – anyplace – to cut my hair based on my criteria. It was a Quixotic endeavor. A fools errand. But I’m a hopeful man, and I went looking.

That’s when I found Danckuts.

I like to think the Universe led me to my heart’s desire. That’s because Danckuts had a simple promise: Your cut, your way or you don’t pay™. Bold words. And since I’ve never had any hair cutter make that kind of promise, I was skeptical. Still, against all hope, I made an appointment.

They cut my hair exactly the way I like it. EXACTLY. Hmmmmm… The first part of the promise was met. I told the Founder and Owner, Zac Reese, that I would hold off any judgment until the second haircut.

Five weeks later, I sat in a chair, with a different hair technician. And I got the EXACT same hair cut. Here’s a side by side comparison of those first two haircuts.

I’ve been getting the same cut, every time, ever since.

I Wanted To Tell The Danckuts Story

For a year and half, I’ve enjoyed the bliss of having my hair cut the same way. Every time. I can’t say this enough. Seriously. So when I found out that Zac had opened a second location, I decided people needed to know about this remarkable place.

So I approached Zac and asked if I could tell his story. Because men need to know they have an option to get the SAME hair cut EVERY TIME!

Thankfully, he agreed. And this is the result. I’m proud and excited to share this story with you.

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