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Here's why video is a great way to tell your story: (And find out why I look all screamy in the picture...)

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How Can Pronoya Video Help You?

Every business has a story to tell. And video is a great way to tell it. 

You see, video is all about movement. And we’re naturally drawn to movement That’s because our eyes wired to “see” movement.

Video also lets people HEAR your voice. And the emotion in your voice. So they can HEAR how your story helps THEM.

Which means you connect on a COMPLETELY different level. 

So How Can I Use Video For My Business?

There’s lots you could do with video:

  • Customer testimonials - let your customers praise you
  • How to use your product - show, don’t tell, how to use your product, ESPECIALLY if its complex
  • Product presentations - product demos that highlight the benefits to your customers
  • Vlogs - used in conjunction with content marketing. A great way to build added value for your customers while building you up as the “trusted resource” in your field of expertise.
  • Website FAQ’s - who says you have present your FAQ’s in boring static text only?
  • Just in Time training - with the popularity of mobile video, you can create video manuals, simple installations guides and other types of videos to supplement your traditional training and support materials.

Pretty cool, huh?

Why Pronoya Video?

Look, technology makes it easy for anyone to shoot great looking video. Heck! You can shoot 720i video on your iPhone!

But effective video for your business is more than just the video. And at Pronoya Video, we understand that.

We understand the different ways to use video and how to create the right kind of video for the job. We will help you every step of the way. So you save time, money and frustration.

And you get great looking, usable media for your website, marketing efforts, support and training and any of the other ways you choose to use video.

After all, it’s not about making video. It’s about making video you can use to grow your business.

So whether it’s,

your product

a customer testimonial

or even a little something about you

Let Pronoya Video help you tell your story.


Contact us. Let’s talk about how video can help your business.

I tweeted about an article that presented three videos as examples of good storytelling. The next day, Karen Dietz quoted my tweet, stating that “these were disappointing.”

In an article, she explained the videos were not stories, but profiles. I saw the quote and the article. At first, I thought wondered what she was on about. Until I looked at the videos again

She was right. Poop.

Here I am, Pronoya Video, with a simple mission statement -- tell your story. And I didn’t even recognize that the videos weren’t stories. Oi! Very embarrassing.

So I decided to get out my camera and respond to this fiasco. This is my story.

In a related article, here's a fantastic infographic detailing the difference between story and corporate speak.

girl on phone


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