Why Story?

 $35 For A Haircut?!

My friend Zac had a problem.

Zac is the founder of Danckuts, a men’s haircut shop. Most people would call it a barber shop. Probably because when you walk into his shop, there are barber’s chairs, cutting stations with clippers, combs and scissors. A barber’s shop.

So when potential clients find out that a haircut costs $35, the response is pretty much the same across the board.

“$35 for a haircut?!”

But, Danckuts is more than just a haircut. And that was the problem Zac faced. He needed to explain why and how Danckuts was different. Sure, he explained why and how on his website, but most people didn’t have or take the time to read through it.

He needed a way to tell his story.

Why Story?

Story is the most effective means we humans communicate. We did it around the cooking fires thousands of years ago and we do it today on Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and other social media. Story connects us emotionally, even to strangers. I experienced this powerfully after my father died.

There are three compelling reasons why a well told story is the best way to accomplish your goals:

  1. Emotion Leads Behavior – People act emotionally and justify their actions rationally. Which means if we want to move our audience, the best way is through their emotions.
  2. Allows Us To See – Every day, 5,000+ ads hammer at us, telling us what we need, how to feel, and what to do. Conversely, story cuts through all this noise and invites viewers on a journey. This allows the viewer to decide for themselves.
  3. Story Transports Us To Another World – Narrative Transportation is the technical term. This refers to a story’s ability to immerse the viewer in way that their surroundings disappear. Further, there is a strong correlation between narrative transportation and the actions the viewer takes after the story.

Learn more about narrative transport here: Narrative Transportation – Muse Storytelling

Learn how story is better than statistics here: Story Trumps Statistics


Muse Storytelling™ Process

Creating video is easy. Heck, these days, all it takes is a smart phone. But creating story is hard. Which is why we learned and use the Muse Storytelling™ Process.

Our process is simple. Like a conversation. This allows us to work with you to craft your story. But we do the heavy lifting. So you can focus on your business.

Our process looks something like this:

We Listen

We believe the best storytellers are FIRST, the best listeners. So, the first thing we do is sit down with you and listen. We listen to your story and your goals. After all, we have to first hear your story before we can tell it.

We Craft

We then craft your story using the patented Muse Storytelling™ Process. We guide you, step-by-step, through the process of three distinct milestones that meld People, Place, Plot and Purpose into an emotionally powerful story. A story that helps people connect with your goals.

We Lift

This is where the magic happens. Where cameras roll to shouts of “Action!” Where we bring what we’ve heard and lift up your story. So people can see who YOU are. See WHY you do what you do. See HOW you can improve their lives. And then emotionally CONNECT them. With YOU.

This simple process allowed us to help Zac solve his problem. Because it helped us to tell his story. The story that he needed potential clients to hear. So now, potential clients better understand what makes Danckuts a value at $35.  Here’s his story:  The Danckuts Story 

Are you ready to tell your story? Let us know.